PROPBetz was started to give the sports bettor an alternative to your standard spread and money line bets. There is a history of corruption and collusion throughout the history of sports betting that we are trying to avoid. We avoid this corruption by betting on proposition bets (prop bets). It’s a lot easier for corruption to control the outcome of a game rather than every player's statistics. There are hundreds of prop bets released on a daily basis that are provided by the sportsbooks that you can make a consistent profit off of. The daily picks that we provide are through extensive research that is carefully calculated to make a prop bet with a high probability to succeed. You will see on our “Gallery” page the history of our success. Our goal at PROPBetz is to strive on a daily basis to bankrupt the sportsbooks. Take advantage of the picks we provide and avoid the corruption in the games that are being fixed.


History of Sports

Do you ever wonder why a blatant penalty wasn’t called? Or why a referee didn’t blow the whistle on a player that stepped out of bounds? Or why known cheating scandals aren’t dealt with until after the season? Money, corruption, and organized crime is the answer. There has been corruption throughout sports betting dating back to A.D. 267 which was the first known bribery in Ancient Sports according to the Smithsonian Magazine. Let’s break this down into the 4 major sports leagues: NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL...


In 1951, Bill Spivey, Ralph Beard, Alex Groza, and several other NBA and college players were involved in a point shaving scheme. They would purposefully throw games to ensure the spread would favor the gamblers involved. In 1978, the Boston College Men’s Basketball team was involved in a sports gambling ring tied to the Lucchese crime family. Several players were recruited and paid for making sure the spread of the game doesn’t cover. In 1999, after the NBA lockout ended, Joe Smith agreed to an illegal contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Smith agreed to take a 1 year deal below $2 million dollars for 3 years and then be paid a massive extension exceeding $80 million that wouldn’t affect the Timberwolves cap space. Eventually the deal fell through and the Timberwolves were fined $3.5 million dollars and lost five 1st round draft picks. In 2007, Tim Donaghy was a referee in the NBA from 1994 to 2007. Tim was convicted and sentenced to 15 months in prison for fixing games in the NBA. Tim has been very open about his gambling addiction and how he would cover the spread of games he was a referee in.


In 1946, a betting ring operation occurred in Maple Leafs Garden in Toronto, Canada. Babe Patt was suspended for 9 games for betting on his own team to win. In 1947, Don Gallinger and Billy Taylor played for the Boston Bruins. Don and Billy wagered between $250 - $1000 on 8 games they believed the Bruins were going to lose. Don and Billy received a lifetime ban from the NHL. In 2006, Operation Slapshot discovered Arizona Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet was working with a New Jersey State Trooper by the name of James Harney in an underground illegal gambling ring. The ring was alleged to have ties to the Bruno-Scarfo crime family. Wayne Gretzky and his wife Janet Jones, were under investigation for partaking in the illegal gambling ring. The investigation revealed more than 1.7 million dollars worth of wagers were being placed on NFL, NBA, and college football and basketball games. Tocchet received probation for his involvement and Harney received 6 years in prison.


In 1919, Chicago White Sox club owner Charles Comiskey underpaid his players. 8 players were indicted on charges for receiving more than $5,000 ($75,000 today) to throw the world series against the Cincinnati Reds; 5 gamblers were also indicted. All 8 players were cleared of charges thanks to the corruption in the legal system. All 8 players received a lifetime ban from the MLB. Today the 1919 White Sox’s team is known as the “Black Sox’s”. In 1984, longtime Cincinnati Reds player Pete Rose became the General Manager of the Reds. Pete Rose was accused of betting on games through 1985 to 1987. Pete Rose in 2004 admitted he bet on baseball games and the Cincinnati Reds. Pete Rose received a lifetime ban from the MLB. In 2013, the Biogenesis Scandal revealed players were using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s). Some of the players involved were: Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and Nelson Cruz. In 2017, the Houston Astros had a camera fixed on the opposing team to steal pitchers signs. A member of the Astros would bang on a trashcan to advise the Astros batter whether a fastball or changeup was coming. The Astros were allowed to keep their World Series Championship (what?), were fined $5 million, and lost draft picks.


Michael Franzese, former Caporegime of the Colombo La Costra Nostra Crime Family during the 70’s and 80’s, was on VLADTV on Youtube in 2019. Michael explains how the “mob” would manipulate the outcome of professional sports. Michael specifically mentions New York teams and teams around the country were involved. In 2007, SpyGate occurred when the New England Patriots were videotaping the New York Jets defensive coaches signals from an unauthorized location. Head Coach Bill Bellichick was fined $500,000, the Patriots organization was fined and lost their 2008 1st round draft pick. 2009 to 2011 the New Orlean Saints defensive coordinator Greg Williams paid his players to injure the opposing teams players. Greg Williams was suspended by the NFL indefinitely but was eventually reinstated. In 2014, New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady ordered the deflation of footballs in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. Removing air from footballs allows the ball to be gripped, thrown, and caught easier. Brady was suspended for 4 games, the Patriots organization was fined $1 million, and lost draft picks in the 2016 draft. In 2019, Arizona Cardinals Cornerback Josh Shaw was betting on NFL games while he was on injured reserve. He was initially suspended indefinitely but was eventually reinstated. In 2021, Calvin Ridley was suspended for the 2022 NFL Season for gambling on NFL games. Corruption and sports will always be tied together, it’s the nature of the business unfortunately. Together, we can avoid this corruption by betting on prop bets. It’s a lot easier for a referee, owner, or mob boss to control the outcome of a game. It’s nearly impossible for a player's shots on goal, rebounds, catches, etc. to be controlled. Be smart about your hard earned money and bet with PROPBetz to avoid the collusion taking place in professional sports. If you have questions or want advice on a prop bet that isn’t posted on our site, contact us through Twitter and we will do our best to accommodate our users. If you have a gambling problem contact 1-800-GAMBLER.